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Volunteers are crucial to the success of our groups. We truly appreciate any time our parents, relatives, and other supporters can give as a volunteer.

 Everyone, including HCSD staff members must complete the Volunteer Application (Forms A and B) in person with the Fine Arts Director or Secretary each and every school year before they can volunteer. Please call or email the Fine Arts Office to set up an appointment to complete your application. Email and phone information is at the bottom of this sheet.  As long as the volunteer is not monitoring students out of sight of an HCSD teacher, that's all that needs to be done.  You can view the volunteer Application by clicking on the button below.

Fingerprinting/Background Check is required for all volunteers who will be monitoring students without a teacher in sight. Fingerprinting, at no cost to the volunteer, is done by appointment at the Central Office, 533 Dayton Street. Call 513-887-5000.  Please note that results may take 2-4 weeks to come in, so plan ahead.

For those who may already have completed fingerprinting at their place of employment or other, please note that the board policy requires that only reports done through National Web Check within the current calendar year will be accepted. To learn how to submit that report, call the HCSD Central Office at 513-887-5000.
Ben Spalding
Director of HCSD Fine Arts Secretary of HCSD Fine Arts
Phone: 513-887-4816
Jennifer Colwell
Fine Arts Secretary of HCSD Fine Arts
Phone: 513-887-4816

The Hamilton City School District Fine Arts Department Office is located at the Hamilton High School Main Campus, 1165 Eaton Av, Hamilton, OH 45013.